Serious Change of Attitude


Serious change of attitude on the go!
Sometimes you just need to go far enough in one direction to realize that you cannot go any further or you might explode....(hahaha, in my case almost literally..).
After another heavy day yesterday, feeling moany and tired and fed up, I was so sick of myself that I could hardly stand my own company.

I cannot change the fact that there are about 10weeks left, but I can change my attitude towards it. ("It" being both the time left, the fact that the bump is heavy, that I am tired, etc, etc)

I´m going to do my damned best to ENJOY the remaining time with my free-passenger being INSIDE my belly! (Soon enough he´ll be out, wanting to get fed, wanting to get nursed, wanting to have his nappy changed, wanting to have some serious attention...)

If I´m tired, well, then I will sleep.
I feel big and heavy? Well, live with it! This will be the only one time in my life that I will experience that feeling, so learn from it.
Bebbo is kicking me all over the place? Celebrate it! He´s obviously strong and healthy, so therefore will deal with the trip down the birth canal much easier.
Today is a new day. And the start of the rest of my pregnancy. ♥



Anonymous said...

Go Mo! Go Mo! Go Mo!! =))

You still inspire, with or without a belly =))

Enjoy this fabulous day!



mojo said...

Ahhhh, THANK you so much for your kind words, Maja!

Enjoy the sunshine and Friday "madness"! :)

Varma Kramar

Anonymous said...

Bra rutet! ;) Det är skoj att följa din resa, jag ligger några veckor efter men känner igen mej efter hand...
Fortsätt du vara sur och 'fed up', det hjälper mej att känna att det också är helt okej vissa dar...
Stor kram från bloggläsare Emma R

mojo said...

Tack Emma!
Vet du, jag är säker på att det inte kommer att vara "solstråle" hela vägen fram...;)
Upp och ner som en berg-och dalbana...med ett 1:a pris som väntar i slutet!
Hoppas att du och din bebbe mår fint i vårsolen!