10 1/2 weeks

Darling D a few weeks old + auntie...


The photograph above was taken less than a year ago.
It´s hard to imagine that in 10 weeks or so that will be me - with "Putte"!
Before Daisy arrived I had hardly ever held a baby before, let alone changed a nappy (or had any interest for that matter to do any of the before-mentioned).
I am immensely grateful that sis went first and that I found out that: 1. babies are not as scary as they seem 2. some babies actually accept being held by a true beginner.
Having said that, becoming a mother is an incredibly intimidating prospect and as much as I look forward to it, as much does it scare the living daylight out of me... :)

10 1/2 weeks. The countdown is ticking at monumental speed.



nadja said...

Sometimes it feels like looking into a mirror reading your texts about getting a baby. not that I was really planning to have one, but my feelings about it before where exactly the same. and still I can hardly believe that I am now a mother (after 16 months...)... scary... but real! and so great!! even if I had a hard night without sleep because of Lea crying for whatever reason... doesn't matter, Babies rule!! :-) looking forward to see a photo from you with your little baby boy in your arms :-)
Say hi to Sweden from Switzerland

mojo said...

Thank you Nadja!
Today is a NEW day and a brighter one too (you can read about it in today´s thread).

Much love to you and wonderful Lea,