R you one of those?

I woke up with NO VOICE today!

It must be a combination of to much work, a cold and no sleep!
But HEY, I've had a GREAT week!!

Worked with NIKE and Susanna Kallur in Stockholm - She is an amazing person! Radiant!

Taught an amazing workshop in home sweet home
Gothenburg ( some of my Global yogis attended it, yeah! And an amazing girl from up north whom I've only known through this blog and e-mail, Karin you ROCK!)

After so much work + a cold I asked my mom if it was a good idea to have some red wine, for the cold I mean?!
Her answer: Well, I don't know, but you'll have a lot more fun :)

And so I took her advice! AL NIGHT LONG :) Although I exchanged the wine for some gin around midnight :)

So right now I am pondering - perhaps I left my voice at the bar 5am? Did I?
Have you seen it?

With out a voice what better to do then to
MEDITATE :) If you're one of those crazy people who's still not doing it (HELLOO), here's WHY you should do it (again):

By the practice of Meditation, we become aware of the underlying reality of the world and of ourselves as arising and passing away every moment. We realize that the process of change continues without our control and regardless of our wishes. Gradually, we understand that any attachment to what is ephemeral and insubstantial produces suffering for us.

Whenever something happens in the external world that we do not like, there are unpleasant sensations in the body. A meditator focuses the entire attention on these sensations without reacting, just observing them very objectively. It is very difficult in the beginning, but slowly it becomes easier to observe the gross unpleasant sensations - what we call pain - with a balanced, calm mind. Pleasant, unpleasant, makes no difference. Every sensation arises only to pass away. Why react to something that is so ephemeral.

With meditation, we learn to be detached and to keep the balance of our minds in the face of any experience. Then we begin to experience what real happiness is: neither the satisfaction of craving nor the forestalling of fears but rather liberation from the cycle of craving and fear. As inner serenity develops, we clearly see how others are enmeshed in suffering, and naturally the wish arises, “May they find what we have found: the way out of misery, the path of peace.”


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