Odd day

Bump and I in Barcelona a few weeks ago...


Yesterday was an odd day.
Managed to watch a few episodes of "Mästarnas Mästare" (since it was supposed to be a day off to recover from the weekend) and cried my way through the presentations of especially Thomas Wassberg & Ara Abrahamian. Damn it, all those hormones flying around in my system makes me more sensitive than ever before.

Taught 2 great classes at 17.00, spinning and kettlebell and although my belly reached new unheard of proportions just before those classes, I felt surprisingly strong and energetic. :)

After the classes I met up with P, sis, Miki, Sabbi & Meddi + children and had some pizza in the evening sun. I have pizza or other types of fast food about 5 times per year, far off from being called a regular habit...as with most junk food, it´s kinda yummy whilst eating but then the meal stays on like a brick in the digestive system for the rest of the night, and the next morning fingers are so swollen it´s impossible to even try to get any rings on...

Today, my mission is to get my web page text translated into English. It will probably take me around 3-4h to finish that off.
Also, I have a treatment booked with P at 13.00, after which I am forbidden to do any heavy training, so might spend some time on the bed of nails and do some stretching this afternoon.




Helena said...

Men HUR fixar du kettlebells med den magen??? Jag fixar det knappt utan bebis...
Stor kram!

mojo said...

Hej Helena!

Phu, det är inte klasserna som är utmaningen - utan det vardagliga livet... Det börjar kännas nu att man inte har en möjlighet att "lyfta av" sin 10kgs ryggsäck som man bär omkring på magen - konstant, 24h om dygnet... :)