All my bags are packed...

...for SWEDEN


I am NOT moving to LONDON!

I got the offer not long ago, I thought about it but most of all I stopped and listened and even if the offer was great my being said NO! Crystal clear. I wanted to stay in Sweden (for now... who knows about the future).

So Elle, Kaz, I am sorry! But It's not that far and I am in London 5-6 times a year anyway!
Mamma - I love you, off course I would have told you ;)
My Blondie girle - I am soo looking forward to playing with you this summer in the south of Sweden :)
Lina - Relaxe, NIKE over here is cool, but the trainers aren't even close to the ones in the Swedish team!
And to my Swedish Yogis - You ROCK, I would miss you way to much, I can only stay away for so long ;)

So my bag are packed for Gothenburg. Could harldy sleep last night, so excited to get back home!
Although I LOVE travelling, I'll always be a "borta bra men hemma bäst" girl :)

See u soon
Love Jo


Emma R said...

Å Herregud, vilken tur att jag inte läste bloggen 1a april -jag skulle blivit så sjukt bestört och besviken! (Jag är lagom småbitter redan nu, trodde du skulle vara hemma och ha Body Pump för mej å maken idag)...
Desdo göttare när vi ses nästa vecka!

p3te* said...

Phew! That's a relief :)

Inspirational yoga crisis averted!

Jo said...

Åh jag vet!! Jag som längtat så!
Sen visar det sig att ryanair har ombokat mitt flulyf utan min vetskap:(

Så nu flyger jag till västerås o tar ett 4 h långt tåg hem till götet! Jippi :)

Det är nu man har anvandning av yogan; shaanti shaanti ;)

Kram jo