Thank YOU!! For all your help!
This is my CHOICE!!


She is my precious and it's only been 1,5 days :)

She is so comfy and qt. She attracts ATTENTION like I could never do and since she is part of my company JIRA that's perfect! My bro is working on the JIRA logga for her at this very moment (if he's not sleeping from al the partying he is going through right now hihih).

I was supposed to be in Stockholm working this weekend but since my voice hasn't appeared yet I decided to stay in Gotheburg - trying to find it :)

After a couple of ultrapowerenergy hours I started to be able to relax - much thanks to my cruiser!!! She is perfect for me - I've decided NEVER to rush again!
From now on I shall only cruise through life :)

You are more then welcome to join my cruising club!

SoftFlow Jo


p3te* said...

For a moment I was thinking you'd go practical, but I'm glad you bought the cruiser. It so suits your personality!

Adding JIRA logos is a great idea too!

A bike isn't just for work, it's also for riding to the park on sunny afternoons and the beach...have fun!

Jo said...

Yeah, well that's not ME really - Practical ;) Not ONLY that anyway!

P I am cruising al over the place, I am telling you :)

Fun is my middle name ;)

K said...

Great bike!

I am back in Umeå and fixing with my bike too. Its not as cool as yours, but danish and classic. I like it alot, and it a lovley way for cruising around! I am so glad spring is finally here.

I hope your voice comes back very soon.

All my best and hugs from Karin