What doesn't kill you ...

...makes you stronger!


Are you sure?!

Cause I really don't see the point !!!

Instead of taking my bike to Skatås (it is a cruiser, cruiser bikes are supposed to stay in the city!) I got a ride with ler & långhalm :) The common mission was SKATÅS but the individual mindset differed slightly:

Me: I HATE uphill running - I can't see the point! Isn't there a flat track?

Ler: I LOVE running! Åh, I wish I could run the mile, it is such a fun track - up and down! Not flat like the 8k! Åh I love running, I wish I could run and run and run and listen to the birds (but his benhinnor doesn't like running as much as his spirit:).

Långhalm: I like uphill, that's the only exciting part, other than that whats the point? I hate running! I much rather be in the gym!

So the three of us went for it!!!
I went for the 10k and they for the 5k and gent's as they are they waited for me at the finish line!
And let me tell you - the only reason I made it through the 10k was the notion that there were 2 hot/funny dudes waiting for me :)

It's all about MOTIVATION isn't it ;)

Sweet Dreams Jojo


Mr T. said...

Säg bara till hur många kilometer du vill springa i Skatås, så skall du få en karta med en kanonbana av mig. Om du är snäll kanske den även är utan "rymmebackar" :-)

Jo said...

JA Tack!!

Jag behöver ju ladda inför GBG varvet så jag tänker ett långpass/v nu!
Mellan 12-18k kanske?
Gärna UTAN backar :)