After 4 classes in 2 countries today,I'd say I deserve to go to bed?
Thank you all Danish Dynamite at NIKE Denmark for lifting the energy through the roof, both in the spinning class and in the kettlebell session!
...and thank you Academy Halmstad for part 1 of 2 this morning!

...and not to forget: the company of gorgeous Linda all day and the Jo-glo in my last session! Kick ass work, guys!

Ps. If you are close to Göteborgs-Posten tomorrow, you've got to check it out... :)

Waiting to go on the ferry...

Watching parts of Slatco´s lecture...

This man and I have known each other for more than 14 years.

We were both part of the original 8 who worked with Johnny G.
Slatco "the mentalist" Sterzenbach.

Together with Daniel from Activio and friend & team member Linda J

On the bike

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