Halmstad Part 1

With amazing Linda J in Halmstad getting ready for The Academy event Part 1.
I am SOOOO grateful to have fab company all the way through this busy weekend!

I had a crazily busy day today. Really. More than usual.
After 2 nights of hardly no sleep (Robin has a cold), I drove little one out to grandma´s and grandpa´s. JUST avoided being caught speeding. The nice policeman decided to stop the car next to me. Taught a semi-private for a group of Norweigan physiotherapists. Had an initial meeting with a new (and very exciting) PT-client, followed by a stand-up coffee meeting with Magnus. Almost threw my computer out of the window, when pdf-client refused to work.
Had to drive to printers to manually hand over the material (soooo 90s). Rushed home to not have my clean laundry thrown out of the machines. Answered supadupa important e-mail. Checked out a daycare facility. Checked out an office space. Packed my suitcase. Pulled up at Linda´s only 5 minutes late. Phew!

Starting off with MOJO Yoga at 9.30am tomorrow morning, followed by B.A.D-ride no.1 on the bike - driving down to Denmark immediately after class to teach at NIKE Denmark in Hilleröd - B.A.D-ride no.2 and Kettlebell Challenge...

We should be back in Halmstad around 20.00... Getting ready to do the first 2 classes all over again... :)

Good luck to "our own" Magnus Gårdmark, who is teaching Millennium Exclusive-Periodisera Mera tomorrow together with talented Mattias Reck.

Linda and I chillin´in our room

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