Live from The Academy Sthlm

After a rockin´ MOJO Yoga and 2 HOT spinning classes, I could leave the Academy Event day with a big smile on my face.
Thanks to all who joined, and an extra big thank you to some of my dear friends who popped by to say hello. I don´t see you often enough, but when I do, it´s always a pleasure!

If you think this photograph is blurry, you had too much wine last nite...
GORGEOUS girls: Anna, Jessica & Helena, right b4 my last class of the day.

NIKE collegue and friend, Maria Olofsson

At the start of Maria´s Core class


Helena said...

Tusen tack för outtröttlig energi Monika! Den femte och sista intervallen totaldödade mina ben - underbart! :) Puss på dig!

mojo said...

TACK själv!
För din kraft, ditt stöd och din svett!!! :)