Somebody killed the radiostar:?


But hey, did you listen to p3 this morning:?

One of the reporters came to my yogaclass :) it was on around 0800 this morning! Unfortunate it was just when I started the last day of the Global Yoga teacher training.

I think you can watch the web tv and listen to the clip on their Webb!!

As we speak (or as I write) the soon to be global yogis are writing their final exam! It has never been so quiet in the studio before :)

Of back home tonight after a long working week + working weekend.
Damn I'm pleased with my lazy Mondays :)
Getting a massage and teaching a bodypump is al there is on the schedule!!

Two tips for you before I go:

If your in Stockholm you HAVE to either stay at or eat at hotel DIPLOMAT!!! They get fullt betyg alla kategorier!!!

Tip two:
A competition coming up here on MOJO - prepare yourself for VICTORY ;)

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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