Snap back to reality...

After a full day with a snotty Robin - who were not too happy except from when we visited the playground - I rushed off to teach my classes at 5pm.
I didn´t even have time to vote.
Damn it, it will be left on my to-do-list yet another week...

Despite the hectic weekend I felt fine. It was lovely to see all my regulars again!
Grabbed a stressed shower after my 3 classes and changed into date nite mode.

If you can love a pair of shoes, I´m certainly in love with my new Burberry high heels...
I am happy that I didn´t have to chase a bus in them though.
Jez, it was far too long since I wore proper heels.

Burberry S&M platforms. What´s not to like, really?

We got to try out the new menu at Meet. The Mixed Grill. O.M.G it was GOOD!

Thanks Mike, you´re a star.


mojo said...

Såå snygga!



jessica said...

Sjuuuuuuuuukt snygga! I want them! <3<3<3