Live from Filborna Arena

Kettlebell education day 2 at Filborna Arena.
What a lovely group of people! And again - what a great place for training this will be when they open on October 9.

You can watch the facility on Mojolifestyle´s Web TV here.

Had a nice surprise when I ran in to lifting champ/coach no 1 in the lunch room: Anders Lindsjö.
Which was more than convenient since I´ve wanted to get in touch with him for ages. More synchronicity, I guess. :)

THANKS to the Filborna Arena crew - the place where everyone is called Sara ;) - with a special Thank you to Kattiz & Pelle, looking forward to seeing you all very SOON again!

Monica & Sara

Sara, Anna & Kattiz

Anders, Karin, Sandra & Sara

Pelle, Sara, Anders, Sandra & Sara

Anna, Monica, Sara, Kattiz & Karin

- Blinged from my iPhone


Jessica said...

Darlings, I loooove your tv-shows

mojo said...

♥♥♥ :)
Love you right back, Jessica!