Halmstad Part 2

After an amazing Saturday we returned to Halmstad at 20.45.
Chilled in our hotel room, quite knackered but happy.
I was SO looking forward to a goodnight´s sleep and hadn´t really budgeted for the noise that followed.
Halmstad Kulturnatt - you suck.
A live stage right outside our bedroom window, with one act worse than the other. Our windows were shaking from the bass and the awful guitar playing.
At 1am we´ve had enough.
Up - packed - and changed rooms.
Oh, well.

Felt curiously good in the morning.
With 4 classes down and 2 to go, I was flying!
I actually knew many of the participants from before and they really shone!
Thanks guys for joining and sharing such great energy!

I even got to exchange more than 2 words with my lovely NIKE colleagues Anna & Maria. Wonderful! (Sometimes we don´t even get the time to say hello between classes/trains/and flights... :))

Lovely Anna with her hubby Mitcho

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