If 20% of your clients generate 80% of your profit, then 0.5% of your customers easily cause you 99.5% of your troubles and worries.

The ABSOLUTE majority of all my clients/customers/businesses are SWELL,
they pay their invoices on time,
they are lovely and respectful on the phone/by email,
and are generally extremely nice people.

I am Goddamn lucky to work with so many dedicated and loyal human beings.

Then there´s the other 0.5%.

Let´s just say this: In business, DON´T F**K WITH MY CHI,
because I will get you right back and not double or triple, but at least quadruple the amount of negative stress and worry you have caused me.

Late this afternoon one of those moments presented themselves, and you know the worst thing of all?

I KNEW this one would cause trouble - right from the start - but somehow, I thought: "Oh, but maybe they´ll see some sense over time and change"...
Note to one self: VERY rarely (read: never) does an asshole change from being an asshole to becoming a sweet elf, one day to another.

An asshole, is an asshole, is an asshole, and so be it.

Don´t worry - I won´t sweat it. I already feel better.
But do not be mistaken - I am EXTREMELY long sighted and there is nothing wrong with my excellent memory. What goes around comes around.

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