Great expectations:?

Friday is turning into Saturday!

Started out with great PT sessions!

I love my job :)

The afternoon was spent with POM - way to long ago!
Thank u again for the bush! I will treat it as if it were my own ;)

Of to saluhallen to buy the goodies for the house warming this weekend :))) Wiiiii!
I love the market and really looked fw to choosing the best of the best with my boo!
But when I got there he was sick, so sick he had to stay in the car :(

Now a bellymassage later he is fast asleep...

The FridayNight didn't quiet turn out to be what I had in mind (pretty much our only weekend together at home before 2011!)

But hey - c'est la vie :)
Practicing my yoga skills right now ;)

Do you have expectations?
And if/when things don't go accordingly... What do you do:?

Sweet dreams Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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