Playground Yoga

What makes up your life right now?
For me, it´s work, work, work and then: ROBIN, then more work, some P time, work and this afternoon yoga.
So happy to be able to sneak away with P to join wonderful Camilla in her 90min yoga class tonight at Gymnasium Sisjön.

My son in a TRANCE. I´ve heard it´s a quite common side effect on these swings...

My hair SUCKS right now, while I´m waiting for it to grow to shoulder level.
But except from the "me, me, me", here´s:
Hollywood yoga teacher to the stars and lovely gal Camilla Bergström with yummy & fabulous Christine Myrberg.


p3te* said...

Camilla and Christine's class was fantastic!

I realised on the drive home (while bopping to Smashmouth at full volume) what a huge smile I had on my face!

...And all that after just 90 minutes! Who knows how big the smile will be after 6 hours on Saturday/Sunday!

mojo said...

Pete: Lovely to see you in class!
Enjoy the weekend!