Spread the LOVE

I love my colleagues at Gymnasium Sisjön!
Thanks to Madeleine & Stina who joined my classes tonight, spreading heaps of energy and power around themselves!

Then when I got back to the changing room after class number 3, I find the following in my high heel:

I mean, what can you say? From one toddler mum to another:
Thank you for your love, Malin!

The last, but not least THANK you goes out to the crew from Filborna Arena, who hired a minibus to travel all the way from Helsingborg to join the awesome triple: Spinning, Kettlebell, Hot MOJO.

Love you, guys!


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Erika said...

Haha, det var därför jag hörde massa skåningar i omklädningrummet! Fick inte ihop det... :)

Kul att vara med igen, trots allt! Tack! Kan förhoppningsvis bara bli bättre!!


mojo said...

Erika: Yep! Jag är en Skåne-magnet, that´s just who I am... ;)
TACK för din närvaro i måndags,

SNART har vi en hel VECKA ihop! :)