1, 2, 3...let´s GO!

We went to Liseberg tonight with Robin.
It was delightful!
But I have to ask, is it normal to feel more dizzy on things that spin as you get older???
My God, I seriously thought I was going to throw up whilst joining Robs on one of the spinning cup-thingies...

That would have been a sight for sore eyes, me puking my guts out whilst Robin cooly watches mummy making a complete plonker of herself!

Getting ready for the rest of the weekend now.
Running workshop with über-COOL Therese coming up tomorrow! It will be SO MUCH fun!
We sent out a number of questions to all the participants to be able to tailor make the content of the day after their specific requirements. Fingers crossed everyone will feel like they´re bringing some good stuff back home.

When we´re done around 5ish I´ll be jumping on the train to Stockholm.
Sunday, I´m presenting 3 classes at the Academy event. WHOOOPA!
They´re a lovely bunch of people - the Academy crew - and their event days have always been personal favorites of mine.

Have an active weekend MOJOs!

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Helena said...

Spinning cups....värsta ever! Klarar inte dem längre... :)
SES på måndag fina du! Stor kram!