Zumba Party anyone?

What a GREAT day!
Despite my clumsy intro to Denmark yeasterday it has been an amazing day :)

First out the opening show in the main hall - Beautiful and strong girls pole dancing followed by US, the presenters, standing on the stage thinking we were just gonna go up and show our big smiles - instead an ÖVERVINTRAD aerobic instructor with a TIGHT little behind in a SILVER LATEX dress teaches US how the AE moves should be done!!! Hihihi - the funny thing is that whilst he made fun of US - or the way FITNESS looked like 10 years ago - I think that some of the instructors got a bit nervous since the VERY SAME moves was planned to be in THEIR classes.... Hihihiihi

After that I taught HOT MOJO and HOT FLOW - WOW - what amazing yogis u were guys! There was a lot of hearts bursting open in class and I thank you for the TRUST!

A quick lunch then went to check the TRX class, some of the Corebar class :)
Time for BodyBlanace n50 - with the 3 HOT and Stretchy guys :) YUM!

Tried a foam roller class for some inspiration but most of the time I thought only of a nice cappuccino :) Sorry!

Finished with Mo's Kick Ass Kettlebell class - YUM!

Al day I had the PRIVILEGE to hang with this gorgeous and VERY talented man!

We (Balazs and I) Rushed to dinner since they told us it finished at 1830... sitting there in our sweaty clothes (YES baby - sweet is SÖT and SVETT is Sweat ... ;) only to find out later that the REAL dinner started around 19 hahaha

Oh well - ZUMBA party going on now but at the moment I am enjoying my soft bed, some red wine and the HOT STRETCH class music too much :)


Hope your Saturday was FIREWORKS


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