Helsinborg/Skåne rules

I´m in Helsingborg doing a 2-day kettlebell education for Filborna Arena.

What a beautiful place!

It will definitely be THE place to go to for great training in this city.

The venue is airy, light, functional and kick-ass - all at the same time. They will host Hot MOJO, kettlebell classes, indoor walking, spinning, some Les Mills classes, a new competition swimming pool, a room only for Swissball training, a full size handball court, a juice bar, etc, etc.

I´m in LOVE with their running track - in the gym!!! They also have a phenomenal ceiling height for gymnastic rings/TRX/Red Cord/Anti-gravity yoga/etc.
Why don´t more gyms/clubs play around with these things???
Such amazing training for a fraction of the cost of a bog standard gym machine!

Imagine being able to do sprinting training with your private clients... I drool just thinking about it.

Innovative and forward thinking - 10 out of 10 points to Filborna Arena.

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