NIKE Denmark part 1

Strike a pose ;)

Can't wait for these two NUTTERS to come down here!

Right now I feel very lonely being the ONLY POM around!

For example - when the really nice guy who meets me at the airport and introduces himself as Boot from Brussels tells me what a LOVELY country SWEDEN is - I reply saying:

Me - YES! But so is YOUR country!
Boot- Which country?
Me - (thinking, hmm tricky one - he said something on B...) silence...
Boot - Brussels?!
Me - YEEESS :)))))
Boot - Is NOT a country....
Me - Silence (trying to smile it away...)
Boot - So in which country is Brussles?
Me - Still Silence with a fading smile (fuck - i'm not getting out of this one am I....)

Then he says - Well at least you can remember my name since they're both starting with B!
Me - YEAH :)
Boot - So Brussles and B....?
Me - Silence - AGAIN!!!! DAMN!
Well something with Brute, Broot...?! Or no Boots?! Singular or plural?

Phewww I'm of with a GREAT start here in Denmark at the NIKE convention....

Teaching HOT MOJO and HOT FLOW in the morning - so excited - hoping that there will be HEAT!!!!

One question before bedtime though... Am I teaching in Swedish or English you think?
Cause the Hot Mojo has NEVER EVER EVER been taught in English before ...

STOLPEN - What do you think.. POLE?!

Miss my POM and MO

Sweet Dreams Loved ones

Love Jo


mojo said...


p3te* said...

Feel free to practice your Hot Mojo in English with me next Wednesday evening at Masthugget!...it's what I'm here for :)

...But I already know you'll be fantastic!

Rock Denmark 4me!

soffan said...

Hahaha, CRAP :)! Äh va fan, man kan inte ha stenkoll på allt ;)...

mojo said...

FAB seeing you swisch by 2day!

Soffan - YEAH - CRAP is THE WORD!!!

Pete - I'm looking fw to it so much :))