Mad as a hatter

I´m looking for an office space.
From January 2010 I will definitely have grown out of my home office and if I find something great before then, I´ll take it.
I´m looking forward to getting out of the house and actually having to go to work.

It´s been more than convenient. During the last 14 months I could not have worked anywhere else with a baby at home, but I think it´s fair for Robin to start having his own room very soon. (Not to mention his toys).
The office should be located either in the area where I live or maximum a 10min bike ride away.
Close to P´s clinic would also be convenient, since it would simplify our life once Robin starts daycare.

With my schedule this autumn, I´m not even sure WHEN I´ll find the time to scout an office, let alone move into new premises.

Take this weekend for example:
Friday: leaving for Halmstad.
Saturday: teaching the 2 first classes (MOJO Yoga & Spinning) at The Academy´s event in the morning - then driving to Denmark, for 2 classes (Spinning & Kettlebells) at NIKE Denmark - and then driving back to Sweden and Halmstad to sleep, because on
Sunday: I´m teaching the 2 first classes (MOJO Yoga & Spinning) at the Academy´s event - again. :)

Mad as a hatter - that´s me...lucky I´m young (hahahahaha!) and energetic, eh?

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Erika said...

och om 4 veckor får du vila upp dig lite! ;) (även om det är jobb för dig)

summering från mitt kb pass igår:
1. sikta lite väl bra mot mellan benen, aj! gillade inte kb så mkt!
2. fick teknikhjälp av underbara matthew, ny energi och fick till en mkt bättre snatch, tror jag... gillade kb igen! :)

missar tyvärr spinningen ikväll igen, måste sluta jobba långa dagar på ons!
ha en fortsatt bra vecka så ses vi på måndag!