Time spent off

Had a lovely fika with gorgeous company today, when I visited Jessica at Mango´s (and Kicki´s) Functional Moves Education.
I met several of Jess´s lovely work colleagues from World Class Nybroplan, Oscar being one of them. I´ve known Oscar for years know and he´s always such a happy, go-lucky chap! I love that with him!
(Not to mention the fact that you always want to touch his hair each time you see him...)

The afternoon was a bit unstructured, but we eventually managed to kick ourselves out for a run.
6.3k with the buggy and BOY, was it hard!
I could really feel that Robin has put some more weight on for the last couple of weeks and add to that some half-empty baby buggy wheels and you have quite a challenging load to push around Slottskogen. Phew!

I could hardly remember my last free Sunday, so I´m happy I´ve really enjoyed this one.

Tomorrow is the start of another exciting week, getting everything ready for the studio opening in December, the Incycle Team meeting on Friday and The Convention on Saturday...
Oh, and I´m soooo looking forward to having JO back in town!

Have a great start to the week, folks!


soffan said...

Ska bli sååå kul på lördag, can´t wait :) !!

mojo said...

Visst ska det?