Barely alive…

I am still here on this planet; it is just that lately I have been doing some HARD working!!

After a weekend with MAGSJUKA, I made it home to Gothenburg.

Monday: Teaching 2 classes, barely surviving!

Tuesday: Feeling a bit better but OVER DID IT! Teaching CORE 45min, rehearsing Bodyjam 120min, teaching at BalettAkademin 3hours, teaching a BodyCombat/BodyBalance Challenge outdoors class 90min! Even the fact that I was thinking of going to Muay Thai after that pretty much reveals some of my “issues” (I don’t like missing out on things!!!!).

Wednesday: Teaching Yoga60min, Yoga90min, rehearsing + teaching BodyJam New release 120min, running to meet MO at Vasaplatsen (had about 0min to get from A to B) only to find out that the classes I am attending are NOT 30min long, but in total close to 2hours! And I don’t even do SPINNING!!!! Good thing MO is soo good looking ;)
Thursday: Teaching Yoga, train to Sthlm and I thought; well, can’t just sit around, I have two hours to kill so why not go to Bikram Yoga?! I have done this type of yoga before but tonight was NOT my night! Let me tell you why:

1: Yes, perhaps I was a bit exhausted physically from the previous days, BUT I actually felt quite rested ☺

2: The problem was that the room was full of BEGINNERS. How can this matter you may ask?! Well, let me tell you. Bikram yoga is HOT HOT HOT and a set of quiet challenging poses, which are always the same. With beginners in the room the teacher had to talk us through each asana which made some of us (me) hold the poses for FOREVER!!!!! Even the pauses were too long, it is damn hot in there and if I’m going to do HOT BAD ASS YOGA for 90min I need someone to teach in a strict, focused manner, not allowing me to think and ponder about 10000 of other things….arrrrgggg!

3: It is all in your mind! As soon as ONE person starts to give up and sits down, all white and pale, suddenly the rest of the class starts to drop out as well. All of a sudden, 85% of the class are not participating, only sitting on the mats like little gold fishes that fell out of their bowls, chipping for AIR! Even I started to think about if the room REALLY was heated to the right degree, perhaps the thermometer was wrong and it actually was 85°C in the room, hmmmm, yeah, I am probably right?!!!!! Yeah Right, NOT! It is all in our mind, I only have one thing to say: Group Pressure.

4: When you are in an advanced class it is not that the people are doing harder or more advanced physical postures, it is the FOCUS, you can cut it with a knife. I guess this is why I keep on coming back to Bikram. The HEAT, It is all in your MIND!!!

Looking forward to an Organic Breakfast Buffet tomorrow before I head to YogaShakti and It’s Yoga for some delicious classes. Lunch with fab LINA from NIKE and then all WORK; WORK WORK. Met Dr Dave tonight, I think we’ll make a great team on stage on Saturday! If you are in Sthlm, please join us!
Love Jo

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