Today I made a CHOICE

It took a lot of guts, courage, bravery, but most of all I had to stop running, stand still and be present. Damn it’s hard and it scares the shit out of me ( I loooove running). But at least I did it. I decided not to feed it anymore because it was not part of what I am about!

What are you about?
Who are you?

What do you want to be about?

Why do you want what you want?

Make sure your actions are dominated by your wisdom and not your ego or vanity! And believe me, it is much easier to talk about this than to do it. Because doing it means breaking a lot of old stubborn habits, and you know it’s not easy to break habits, especially the “one,” the one we all have and the one that facilitates most of the other ones. I’m talking about our incessant, redundant, unnecessary thoughts that are constantly disquieting our minds and distracting us from the experience we are having as well as facilitating the mentality which we are trying to eradicate: The craving, aversion, the past, the future, the judgment, the criticism, the competitive, the reactiveness, etc. To break this habit we need to start starving it, removing its food. We need to start being present, paying attention to what we are doing.

If you stop feeding something, anything, it starves and dies. So in essence you are killing the thing that keeps you down.

“Solen speglade sig I havet en sista gång
innan den långsamt smekte vattenytan och försvann”


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