U Can't Be ME I'm a RockStar

I was more scared to attend the Festival then I was traveling al by myself to India… that pretty much says it all!

I have never been to a Festival in my entire life!!!
What I did when I was a teenager?
I worked during the summers, mostly with dance productions. And when I wasn’t dancing I was spending time with my French cousins and my grandmother in Båstad, and when I wasn’t doing that I was traveling. Man, time flies!

My first dilemma: What the f..ck do you wear at a Festival? It is in the middle of the day, it might rain it might be sunshine and you are gonna stand (or jump) under an open sky for approximately 10hours. (Perhaps this is just I, but when I do something, I do it ALL THE WAY. I don’t pay 1300sek to see 1 or 2 concerts!)

I went with a white t-shirt, a comfy navy Burfitt dress and my WHITE NIKE DUNK LOW
In my brow leather (it felt very Kate Moss) BOSS bag I had Gojiberries and black mini parkas! I was all set to go.

Entering the Festival area I noticed that EVERYONE were wearing rubber boots…

The former green park had turned into a mud pool

And I was the Festival Rookie

I saw:
Iron n Wine – a bit boring
Mando Diao – The guys rocked but I didn’t know a single song
Looptroop – What humble amazing guys, loved the FRA song!
Franz Fredinand – At least I know one song here (Take Me Out) and it rocked

(Went home to rehears my AfroPowerDance Foundation training that I managed this weekend. And I was suddenly stuck in front of the TV and the opening of the OLYMPIC GAMES, ohh my god, breathe taking)


I learned from my mistake and took my RED rubber boots!!

NERD – Oh My God! I could have seen this gig and this gig only… I was on cloud seven
Lil Kim – Oh My God, what a disaster, what a trashy babe!
Håkan Hellström – I cried, Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg, Kom igen Lena and Det är så jag sager det (I think that ALL the girls, perhaps even the men in Slottsskogen wished that the last song was written to them!)
The Flaming Lips – Amazing, what a show, teletubbies, red bouta balloons, fireworks, aliens, u name it, it felt like being on acid.
Neil Young – Hardly remember but at least I can say that I was there ☺

In the evening I had VIP tickets to the NERD After Party at PUSH, but even how bad I would have wanted to go, it was impossible. There was not a single bone in my body that could have taken me there. I tried to tell myself that Pharell Williams isn’t the man of my dreams (I struggled a lot here) and that by staying home I received GOOD KARMA since I gave him away to another “fan” and that way gave here “THE night of her life” ☺

Would I do it all again?
I’m not convinced. One thing I know is that I wouldn’t teach a group fitness teacher training at the same time!


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