MOJO goes Yogamonks


Wow. Fantastic experience. Yoga teachers from all over Gothenburg, plus students from several different gyms and studios (about 100 in total!) gathered together for Jonathan´s third class at Gymnasium.
He loved it so much he´s already planning to come back. Did you miss this visit? Keep informed through MOJO and we´ll let you know when he´s in Sweden next time...

Thanks again to all who took the time to show up,


Hanging with the Man. Jonathan, me & Jo

"...and lift your left leg...."

We´re all listening with big ears...

Christine (yogabuddhi), Marie, Per (SATS) & Anja (yogabuddhi)
Looking radiant after the class

"...and find the floor through your left hand..."

Jonathan doing the introduction - and this is even before everyone had arrived. The class total ended up around 100 people! Amazing!

Jo and I cuddling in the sunshine outside Gymnasium, after 80min of yoga and 40min of spinning...

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