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Subject: Warning!

Saturday afternoon, I just arrived back to Tartu from Tallinn. I
even don't remember why anymore, but I did check my bank stuff from the
internet after all the e-mails.. And!!!! There was a huge shock for me,
only 5 estonian crowns was left on my account, it's so little money, that
in euros it'll be a few cents :D LOL.. A big mystery, where is all my
money?!?!?!! When I checked a bit around there, I found out that someone
had paid with my credit card in SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA, which is way far from
Estonia.. And I've never been there!
I called the bank and asked to close my credit card immediately!
Now it's closed and nobody can use it again! Including me, I had to order
a new one! But until then I have to pay with cash, but I'm not good at
paying with cash.. At the end of a day I'm always wondering where did I
spend all that cash.. LOL..
And then started to deal with finding out how could I get the money back..
Now the people from bank are checking why and how and where etc. Well,
they promised to handle it as soon as possible.. I'll be waiting!

So, The warning:
Always keep Your eyes on Your credit card and never let anyone (in bars or
shops) to walk away with it! Or, order Yourself an extra credit card with
extra bank account, which You use only for paying in not that nice places!
I took the last opportunity! ;)

Marit from Estonia

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