NOT a good sport


I´m pissed off.

I promised myself NOT to be "Swedish" about it. You know,

"...I´m just so happy to have entered the competition..."

"..it´s an athlete´s dream to compete and represent your country in the bla bla bla, therefore I don´t feel a failure ending up in 131th place..."

"...I could feel it too much in my hamstring, groin, head, stomach, _ and therefore I didn´t make it..." (fill out the blank with any body part).

"...When the bird farted, my rhythm got thrown off and it disturbed me..."

"...my outfit was too tight and didn´t fit me/broke/was the wrong colour/last year´s fashion..."


We have a freakin´ great idea.
We have a brilliant award-winning team.
We have more personality than all "techies" I´ve ever met added together.

And we didn´t make it through to the final.

I´m PISSED OFF, DISAPPOINTED & ANGRY. (And worried that someone in the jury will steal my idea.) If there had been a reporter sticking a microphone in my face right now, I would ask them to go and do things to themselves, which you normally can not do on your own.

I´m going to sulk for a day and then it´s back to the drawing board and our original time plan.

Revenge is Sweet.


Magnus said...

Yo Mo!

Jag samt övrig Sports Club personal ser fram emot att få lite Activio-kunskap imorgon! Skrev en liten notis om det på bloggen:)


Väl mött,

kram Ma

mojo said...

Ahhhh, TACK Magnus!
Det ska bli sååå roligt! :)

Är det några av Sports Clubinstruktörerna som ska vara med på SuperSaturday? Tänkte nämligen testköra min "SuperS"-klass hos er imorgon...

Hoppas verkligen att du är frisk tills imorgon!