Useless, overpriced crap makes me MAD! (Even when I´m not the one paying)


NIKE tour Stockholm on Saturday at Frescatihallen. Wonderful to see parts of the team and to hang out. Fab Maria Olofsson and I shared a room at the Nordic Light Hotel, which was our tour hotel this year. Nordic Light is a beautiful "designer" hotel in the center of Stockholm, but I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone. What a disappointment!

We had dinner in the lobby-bar-come restaurant and the service was super slow. When the starters finally arrived, they had managed to sabotage my FAVOURITE starter of all times "Löjromstoast". How difficult can it be to make a smashing Löjromstoast???

Instead of serving the ingredients by themselves, there was a "toastie" on my plate, with a mash of "skaldjurssallad" inbetween, with some very badly disguised "ishavsrom" on the side!

Normally, it would take a lot to f..ck up a löjromstoast, but this was the best try I have seen in, like forever. My main course was an Entrectote with garnish.
Ohhhhh, let´s just say that that beef had not died voluntarily...
It had probably died from old age, getting killed in a hit and run accident, at least that´s the story the quality of the meat told.

The dinner was had to a thumping deep house beat. Being an electronica girl myself, I adore house music. Just not with my dinner. Try to chew, swallow & digest the food to 128bpm (add a thundering bass and you´ll know what I mean...)

Getting into the room, I find out that this 4-star business hotel wants to charge 60SEK for 1h of wireless internet! What? That feels SO 90s! Get a grip! Even my tiny, old hotel in EMMABODA had free wireless internet! Get with the program, guys!!!

In the morning we had to leave at 7am. Breakfast at this gorgeous, not cheap hotel starts at 7.30am on Saturday mornings. Heeeellooooo???? (Let me just say that the stunningly, beautiful, AVALON hotel in Gothenburg opened their breakfast buffet 30min early on Sunday morning just for the NIKE team...)

Anyway, we found out the night before that the hotel would leave us "breakfast bags".
We received a black plastic bag as we left the hotel. Inside was an apple, one banana, one concentrated fruit juice, one 100g chocolate bar + the tiniest piece of bun you´d ever seen, big enough to feed a 2-yr old. Yummy, just what you need before an 11h working day!

Would I recommend anyone to stay at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm? Well, their bathrooms were gorgeous. That´s all I´m saying.

This thread was to be about the actual NIKE-day, but became something completely different... Well, I´ll post the photos from the weekend tomorrow and tell you a bit more about it then. :)


Terese said...

Nu har jag nominerat er på min blogg :-) eftersom jag gillar er blogg så mycket!

mojo said...

TACK! Kul med bröllopsbestyren :)

Jag hoppas verkligen vi ses i höst antingen i Sthlm eller här i Götet!

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