Much better, thanks.


Today was a better day. Although the rain was pouring down most of the time, I had sunshine on my mind....

Taught both yoga, spinning and kettlebell today. CRED to JO who joined me for both spinning & KB!

Conversation in the car:

Jo: "...I´m so looking forward to 1h of training!!"
Me: "..ehhhh, 1h? You mean 2h??"
Jo: "Eh, no, aren´t you teaching 30min spinning and 30min kettlebell?"
Me: "Jo, that´s on Mondays! You´re doing 60min spinning and 45min kettlebell..."
Jo: "Nooo? You´re kidding? Really? Am I? I just taught a Body Jam class! And ran from the club to Vasaplatsen...."

It took me from 11.30-16.30 to choose & put together the music for my SuperSaturday-class... phew! At least now it´s done.
I took the class for a test drive tonight and I´m planning to take it for a second run tomorrow at Sports Club, where I´m guest-teaching an Activio-class in their beautiful "new" spinning room.

Next week I´m invited to teach 2 classes (Tuesday & Thursday) at Kristinedals Träningscenter during their "Open House Week".

It´s nice to travel locally. I can sleep in my own bed and eat my own food at home. Just like on of the bears...Sweet.

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