A matter of mathematics


Minus (-) 1 Road bike. Sold on Blocket Sunday afternoon.

Byebye Scott Racer... it was fun whilst it lasted. I´m sorry I didn´t have time to bring you out of the house more often during the last two seasons...

Plus (+) 1 Mulberry "Bayswater" in Oak. I have been infatuated for YEARS but always changed my mind last minute.

"Do I really want to spend that much money on a handbag?"

Now it´s done and although I truly know that things themselves don´t bring happiness, they can certainly bring a smile to your face. A big broad grin of a smile! :)

Hello, handbag! My coveted Mulbery "Bayswater" in signature printed tanned leather...


Anonymous said...

Well done! What is an old bike compared to a brand new Mulberry handbag. I am so proud of you!


mojo said...


Thanks R!

Well, I thought I spend so much time on my bike anyway...

Shame we can´t hook up next week, but we´ll give it another try in 2 weeks time or so?