Super Saturday 30 august, Stockholm, Sweden


Back from Super Saturday.
I had a nice time - thanks to everyone who came and kicked ass in my cycling class!

The Les Mills-machine is impressive. The way that they package their programs is second to none. It´s no secret how they manage to entice the industry to follow their products year after year - it´s all in the branding and in the culture they´ve managed to build around the "Les Mills-family".

It´s also easy to see why Les Mills are particularly strong in Sweden. The Swedish trainer team have more strong/professional Les Mills presenters than any other country I´ve visited. Many of them are "stars" in their own right, i.e. Petter, Fredrik, Charlotte, Anna P, Katarina Å, Åsa F, Dorotka, Oscar and of course our very own JO.

Thinking about it, it´s amazing how Les Mills has managed to attract and keep so many great names, especially since what the trainers are really asked to do, is to push somebody else´s product. Cred to Jesper at Les Mills Scandinavia/Balticum who is the one responsible for handpicking such a great team.

So, were any of my prejudices about a Les Mills-event true???


This is part of a conversation that I overheard in the Presenter´s room - names have been withdrawn to protect the innocent....
Person 1: "..Man, I´ve stayed off the lollies for 9 days to look good for this event!!!"
Person 2: "I couldn´t say I have today...look, there´s hardly any candy left - and I think I´ve eaten half the bowl!" Points at half eaten candy bowl. (It´s one of life´s great mysteries why there always have to be candy bowls present in Presenter rooms in Sweden)
Person 1: (obviously not listening to person 2)"...but I couldn´t say that what I´ve drunk during the last couple of weeks have been very helpful!..." Big rounds of laughter.
Person 2:"I remember before the World´s...it was crazy!...pushin´n´kickin´ myself into shape!"
Person 1:"...Great PARTY tonight! I´ll finish my last class and have a beer!!!"

What has also come to my knowledge in the last few days, is that 1 person in the Swedish presenter team (no names, I said!) went on a "diuretic diet" 1 week before the S-S event. Which meant that last Sunday this person tried to consume gimongus amounts of water, before "starving" the body of liquids for God knows how long. Why? To look harder and more ripped for today. Of course.

Prejudice 1: You want to be in the LM-team? You´d better know how to looked ripped on stage. At all costs.

Prejudice 2: You want to be in the LM-team? You work hard - and you play even harder.

I´m obviously too old, too tired and too boring to be part of the family.
But I had a great time at the family do! Thanks for inviting me.

Body Jam gets hall 1 groovin´

My AWFUL packing style close up. Yes, it´s really tha
t bad still.

Terese Alvén, famous blogger-friend (from Veckorevyn) and I, right before my class.

JO´s hand joining the Body Attack class! I promised John that the next event that we both teach at, he will come to my spinning class and I will...go to his Body Attack. Let´s just say: I draw the short straw...

MOJO Super Saturday style...please note: picture taken straight after our classes!

Dan Cohen (Body Combat) & "Dr Dave" (Body Balance) hangin´ after class.

"Eloine" striking a pose during Niklas Liljesand´s "Freestyle"-dance class...
We had SO much FUN!

Let´s just say that this pose was NOT a part of Niklas class....

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