Morgonstund har GULD i mund

I’m back in business and that means early mornings.

I love getting up around 545am, I wake up to my Cd player, sometimes it is Coldplay, this morning it was NERD ☺ There you have it, I have a VERY wide library when it comes to music (books as well when I come to think about it). Anyhow… I meditate, wash my face with ICE COLD water, jump into my NIKE gear and walk the 150m down to my GYM. At 7am I teach my first class (on Tuesdays it is CORE 45min). The members are awake (they wouldn’t dare not to be☺ ), the music is inspiring and we all fight to the beautiful end, together as one. The vibe is soo beautiful in the morning classes cause everybody really made an effort to be there, they are dedicated and they are ready to give it their all. Much cred to them (If you want to join us, just send me an e-mail and I’ll take u in as my guest!).

I stroll back to my appt and enjoy this FAB FRESH FUEL FRUKOST. I just started it actually; my lovely yogi Mango inspires it. I take whatever I have (this morning it was beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger) and mix it in my juicer. In this fierce juice I add 1matsked Glutamine, 1 matsked Super Greens, 1 matsked Linfröolja and 1 matsked Mega Vital (all these jummy things can be bought at HAGA GRÖNA in Gbg).

At around 9ish I am ready for breakfast nr 2 but that’s a completely different story ☺

Have a FAB day


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