DANCE like EVERYBODY is watching


Yesterday we hosted my sister´s Wedding Party. She got married in November and had Daisy in April, which meant that their party was slightly delayed. By the time they decided that they wanted the party to happen, all party places were busy. What´s a sister to do? Open up your apartment and host the big feast, god damn it!

It was SO MUCH FUN! Most of our friends are mutual friends and let´s just say there are no wall flowers in this bunch. Jez, they are all full-blooded exhibitionists who love showing off, dancing, singing, miming and making choreography to anything from Kanye West to Whitney Houston, 50cent & Stevie Wonder... by the way, I was severely impressed by E´s & M´s complete show to Neneh Cherry´s "Buffalo Stance"! WOW. Not to forget Febbe´s breakdancing routine which normally shows up after 1am - then you KNOW the party is ON!

After a phenomenal meal, catered by our dear friend Mike (see wonderful pictures below) we cleared out our living room and the dancing didn´t stop until 3.30am in the morning.

Wow. I love my friends. Although many of them have 1-2 children now, they are still the life and soul of the party and GORGEOUS people, both on the inside as well as on the outside.

So, now I know. To be able to dance the night away at this ripe ol´ age (to the best music!)-with the most awesome crowd-arrange a big party in your house, crank the music loud, make an ass-kickin watermelon/vodka punch and off you go!

Just before the first guests arrive... "Is that a huge water melon, or are you just happy to see me?..."

God, I love her to pieces. My wonderful, beautiful, phenomenal little sis.

Eating and mingling. Matt, Marcus, Elaine & Kajsa.

We started to count. We were amazed. We had to take a picture. We were 7 girls with Asian descent at the party, Nina the waitress included. Joyce, Sabbi, Beth, me, Yvis, Nina & sis.

The night has just begun. The "dancefloor" is already packed and the bass is pumping. Lucky my upstairs neighbour wears a hearing aid...

You know me, I LOVE my food. I love pictures of food. Here is an assortment of all the food we had last night. Trust me, it tasted even better than it looked...

Gorgeous salmon rolls with creme cheese, ginger (!) & horseradish!

...olives, melon with feta cheese, sweetcorn & peas...



H said...

Drop-dead gorgeous you! What a party!
See you next weekend... :)

Hugs / H

mojo said...


Thanks, H!

Yes, looking forward to seeing you!