Had A BAD Day…

Ok, sometimes the whole UNIVERSE works against you. It’s like it is trying to see how much shit you can take, how you survive under the pressure of watching a totally “normal” Sunday turn into one of those HELL Days!

For example:

1 Went to an amazing yoga class – Sunday Church! (How could this be bad you may ask yourself? Well, this kinda set the “ribban” (standard) for the rest of the day. With a start like this the expectations are ON!)

2 Farmers Market in Venice – I paid 20 bucks for parking before realizing that it was FREE

3 Stood in line (45min) for what seemed to be “the best omelet in town”, it turned out IT WASN’T!

4 Left my new MICHEL KORS Silver limited edition watch + Efva Attling ring when washing my hands in the restroom. Realized it 10min later at Starbucks, went back and …
NO it wasn’t there. Apparently someone needed it more then me (at least that’s what he or she must have been telling themselves picking it up and NOT returning it! Arggggg)

5 Went to the beach, got a parking ticket (I am now 100dollars minus on parking only)

6 Bought a Smoothie, did a drastic right turn and spilled the entire Acacia gegg all over my rental car (the car was crème color, acacia is PURPLE!)

7 Drove to an AMERICAN APPAREL SALE downtown (2hours in traffic), upon arrival I found a 4hour long queue to get in. I pull out my “I am a Swedish journalist from ELLE, writing about AA blablabla showing my Swedish ID saying it is my Journalist IDcard", get to talk to the BOSS and have to do a “fake” interview (fuck) with him before I get to enter the sale. The sale SUCKS!

8 I drive home only to find out that I need to leave “my temporary home” within 1 hour!!!
I am now HOMELESS in LA

How’s that for BAD KARMA

What the f..ck happened?

Can you beat this?



Marit said...

Well.. Jo.. :D

Believe me or not, but if I can't beat Yours, then My Today was at least equal to Your Bad Day..

It started today at 4.30 AM when I arrived to the place I planned to spend the night, cause I wasn't in my hometown.. Looong story :D LOL..

Yesterday, the Party day, was FAB!! :) Can't be all good I guess..



Anonymous said...

Trist att du förlorade kära ägodelar (klocka, ring), men kanske Universum ville lära dig en läxa i materialism ? :)