Go, go, go YOGA flow


We´re picking up Mr. Handstand King - Jonathan Monks - at Säve airport tonight at 9pm. His class tomorrow has more than 65 people signed up for it! Awesome.
For anyone who can´t join us tomorrow, you will have another opportunity on Saturday at 9.30am. If you are a yoga fan - be there. Jonathan´s humble, soft but yet powerful style is not to be missed.

Keeping busy this week, which is good. Working on my business idea, doing administration work for In-Cycle, preparing for the 2009 Functional Tour and trying to settle my schedule for the autumn. Which is a challenge since there will be a "sliding doors" moment around August 25/September 3. A bit like living in parallel universes....Reality 1 and Reality 2.

On Saturday night we´re hosting my sister´s wedding party which they are having in our apartment. It´s a long story how the party ended up at ours, but we are very happy to have a bunch of glam people eating, drinking and dancing the night away here at the weekend! You know me by now - I love any reason to dress up and get the heels out! Great photos are expected!

Remember to join me for a kettlebell-workout this Sunday 17 august at 15.00!

(Probably shouldn´t tell you this... I´ve had emails, sms´s, facebook messages from Gymnasium´s instructors all weekend, telling me about which and how many painkillers they´ve been forced to take Saturday/Sunday after Friday´s kettlebell education...Training soreness taken to a whole different level...)


Jennie said...

Längtar efter träningsvärk så kettelbell e nog nåt får mej!

mojo said...

Hej Jennie,

Du är alltid välkommen! :)

Varma hälsningar