The Race is on


The following was published today at the Arctic Startup Blog:


"Wonderswap.com applying to Seedcamp

Wonderswap.com, a Swedish based start-up, has applied to Seedcamp along with These Are My Brands, BuzzPal and just recently Scred.

Wonderswap aims to create a marketplace and a community that will support the need to re-cycle amongst a new generation of people who are tired of the “buy-and-throw-away-mentality”.

There’s not that much to see on Wonderswap’s website at the moment, but their CEO, Monika Björn, told us that they´re planning to have a Beta out by this autumn/winter. The secrecy is understandable to some extend, since Seedcamp rules suggest that your service should not have launched yet."

Right now I´m in Arvika. I had forgotten just how beautiful Värmland is!

The Race is on...

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