What does Yoga really mean?

If you find yourself looking uncomfortably at your fellow co-yogi in class because they are “in your space” look again and re-think the situation!

Yoga is about union. Uniting your mind and body but also creating a welcoming space around the globe. Creating community and ability to feel compassion.

In the words of my kundalini teacher Tej: “We need to unite, us the light forces must build a strong community so that we can keep the dark forces out!” And the she laughed her unique witch laughter with her sparkling eyes and crocked finger pointing at two girls in the room: -“Do you know each other?”, No they replied. –“Then talk to each other, get to know echoer, why not?!”

Another great yoga teacher teaches union in a more physical way!

See for your self...

His classes are always packed, and he hardly ever denies any participants, not matter how late they are. You standing in the middle of the room doing sun salutation thinking how the heck is he going to fit even half a person in here somewhere?! But he does it, there is always space in the universe, in fact all we have is space! Open up and share it!

"Vinnie is the ultimate yoga instructor... skilled, occasionally brutal, yet compassionate and witty."

~ Robert Downey Jr.

After Vinnies class in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Peter, Mo, Vinnie, Me and Magnus. NO we did not take a shower…

"Next time Johanna, bring an extra towel!" - Vinnie M

So next time you see someone trying to fit in (physically or mentally) give him or her a helping hand. Welcome them into your space and you might grow.



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