Business on my mind


I´m sorry I´ve been lost for a couple of days..but I´m back now!

After spending the last 48h getting our Seedcamp-application ready in time

and preparing for the first ever Kettlebell-grouptraining education, I´ve been just a little busy. Now both things are done and I must say - I´m so excited about Seedcamp I cannot sleep at night...

Seedcamp is an international business competition for new IT-ventures. The selection process is tough and on August 25, 40 teams are selected to go to London to impress a jury. 20 teams out of the 40 go on to win a week in London to learn the ropes from some of Europe´s most successful entrepreneurs, lawyers, venture capitalists, technicians, etc and out of those 20 teams, 5 teams go on to win the top prize: € 50.000 and three months of business drilling in London.... Need I say more? (Hahaha, don´t even ask me what my idea is. I cannot tell you just yet...)
The only things I CAN say: I am the founder. It has got NOTHING to do with fitness. Check out www.wonderswap.com and sign up for our newsletter to keep posted...

I´m travelling to Arvika tomorrow, back Sunday and on Monday I´m off to Mjölby. (It´s like, where IS that?) On Tuesday Jonathan Monks arrives and then we´ll be hosting him and Liz for the next 6 days.
Anything that keeps me highly occupied until August 25 is fantastic.
Wish me luck...

By the way: much LOVE and RESPECT to the Gymnasium-crew who made the training day SO much fun and such easy work! Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hello darling (or should I say MONSTER instructor). Cant´t find one muscle that´s not hurting (well maybe my eyebrows). You are a terrific inspiration to us all. Love to U and good luck with your activities! /Catrin

Anonymous said...

Blir det nån Millennium cycling convention i år och har du ngt datum spikat i så fall?

mojo said...

Thank you so much, Catrin! It was pure pleasure working with the Gymnasium-team - always happy, always having a laugh.
Let me know how you feel tomorrow...I´m afraid it might get worse... :)

To anonymous: YES!
Saturday 11 October is the date! Email me on info@in-cycle.com for more info.

Have a great weekend lovelies,

Lots of love

Alasdair said...

So excited about Seedcamp you can hardly sleep! That is the kind of excitement we want to inspire! Alasdair

mojo said...

Ohhhhhhhh yes, Alasdair, EXCITEMENT is the word!

(Just a bit worried about any dark circles beneath my eyes and a potentially puffy face from sleep deprivation on Sep 3..:D
Luckily my idea, team and execution will kick some serious ass;))

See you in September!

Lots of Love