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Delsjön 30 december, 10:49am


Wow, it was a very emotional morning.

We had an appointment at "Barnmorskegruppen" at 8am to do our (or should I say, Paddeln´s) KUB-test. The test is an ultrasound where different measurements are taken of the baby, coupled with the results from blood tests previously taken from me. Together the test will show the likeliehood of Down´s Syndrome + 2 other chromosome disabilities.

The 10 minutes or so that the ultrasound took, was one of the most fascinating "movies" I´ve seen for years! Paddeln has grown so much!!! Last time it was 3.5cm and now it was up to 8cm! Also it stood up at first ("like a tin soldier" the midwife said) and then it moved around like a little gymnast! It showed us its arms (2!), legs (2!), fingers and toes, spine, brain, intestines, all whilst the tiny little heart was beating like a bumblebee. Actually it showed us its fingers quite a few times, (probably because it´s getting tired of having "The Paddle" as a working name...)

I had tears in my eyes & P was hugging my right shin like crazy.

We both burst out laughing out loud when in succession the Paddle gave us a "Namaste"-greeting, followed by a perfect Baddha Konasana - wow, it´s already started its yoga practice!!!

It was such a relief to recieve the results about 10 minutes later and to find out that the likeliehood of any chromosome defect is miniscule.

We walked out with a phenomenal black and white photograph of our little one, 13weeks+4days old.

What a beautiful day.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful news!
I´m happy for you!
Can´t wait to see you little "cub"

Magnus said...

Bästa blogsyrror!

Gott Nytt År MoJo! Kul att er blog föddes 2008! Nästa år väntar ännu fler födslar! Spännade!

Leve 2009 =)


mojo said...

MG & Magnus,

2009 will be a spectacular year,

looking forward to see you both soon.

Lots of love & kramar