From Ms. to Mrs.


So when I woke up this morning, I was a Mrs. And it felt GREAT!

Yesterday was beautiful, amazing and very emotional. Thanks to Sabbi who did my hair and makeup - on her day off - & thanks to sis and Sabbi whose joint efforts FINALLY got me moulded into my dress! (Without you, it would have been a naked wedding...)

The ceremony was simple, intimate and ours - just like we hoped. I was so, so happy to have our families there and to get to share this moment of joy with them was amazing.

I kept it together until I was reading my own wedding words to P... I got through the first sentence and then my eyes started to water and my throat completely choked up. Those damn pregnancy hormones were everywhere!
With tears streaming down my face I managed to get through to the end...
Moments later we were pronounced HUSBAND & WIFE.

From now on you can call me "Fru Björn"... :)

P, I love you.



Cizzi said...

Stort grattis =)

mojo said...

TACK, Cizzi!

Hoppas att du har haft en fin jul.


Torbjörn & Carin said...

Lycka till och grattis *<:-)