Postcard from Paradise



Yes, still alive! Ohhhh, I've been sleeping so much I don't even know what day it is anymore. Sleeping, working on my tan, sleeping, reading a book a day, swimming, eating, sleeping some more, going back and forth to our beautiful bungalow, sleeping, eating and...sleeping.

The place is stunning and we have a HUGE (100sq.m according to the brochure) bungalow about 25m from the beach. Like the travel agent told us when we booked this place, there really isn't much to do on this little island, unless you count going for a walk on the 20k of white beach that surrounds it.

30degrees+ in the air and 27 in the pool, who's complaining?

Right now, I'm so relaxed my brain has turned into goo and my walk has finally slowed down to Thailand pace.

I think P is a little bit more restless than I am, so he's checking out diving/snorkeling trips for tomorrow...

Left my watch at home. Don't even know what time it is. And don't care. Into week 12 today. Nausea seems to be gone!

Hope you're all getting ready for Christmas at home!

Lots of love from Kho ko khao.

Ps. JO - your 3 P's love you!
Pengu, P & the Paddle


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