I love ya I love ya

…I freakin faking love ya

SKÅNE and Copenhagen!

Back in gbg after a wonderful weekend in the south.

My mom and I took the train to Copenhagen (we decided NOT to take the train ever again. Ok, it is good for the environment but how can you expect people to take the train when it, in total, is more expensive than driving the car across the bridge + constant DELAYS and once you are on the train people are standing on top of each other, not to mention the beer drinking!) (Explain this: Why are people drinking loads of BEER when they take the train to Copenhagen, but not to Stockholm or Gothenburg??)

Anyhow, it was soo worth it! Mom and I had a fantastic (FANTASTISK, that’s a word we abused this weekend. Mom says that there is a Swedish song where they sing FAN….TAS….TISKT! I don’t know, I haven’t heard it. Do you know what she is talking about?) Day ☺

Our THEME (besides FANTASTISK) was SMELL! We found soo many unbelievably superb perfumes, and off course we had to try them on…hihih you can’t really smell it on a piece of paper. And we both agree on that you can’t have TO MUCH hahahha (not everybody thinks like this, I know) at least that was our opinion until I found a VANILLA perfume (I love my vanilla but mom does not!), mom almost puked hahah I had to walk 2 meters behind her ☺

After a full on day in Copenhagen with Danish Julbord, och SMUSHIES (yepp, sushi + smörrebröd ☺ ) we took the train back and picked up the most amazing Grandma in the Universe!

I made a raw cashew/carrot soup and we brought loads of delicious tappas from this fantastic place! Next time I’m working in Copenhagen, that’s where I’ll be staying ☺
We celebrated Kickan since her birthday was on the 3rd of Dec! 3-generation women had a bombastic fantastic Saturday evening.

To finish it off in style we dedicated 2ndra ADVENT to baking ☺ pepparkakor, knäck (I just don’t understand why we can’t eat this candy all year around, I mean it is THE best candy EVER!) and almost lussebullar, all to the sound of PETER JÖBACK’s Christmas album (that is the ONLY thing mom longs for when it comes to Christmas).

Now I am back in business and unlike MO I am going to speed straight into Santa Claus ☺ I am teaching all week, working in Oslo this weekend and next weekend I am taking the BODYPUMP initial training ☺ Jihoooooo!

On the 22nd I will crash down in Skåne and you’ll probably not hear from me until 2009 ☺

Yin and Yang is my middle name ☺ I just can’t seem to find the “in between” ….

Love and Light Jo

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Lena Andersson said...

hej älskling!

Visst var det ljuvligt,saknar dig såååååååååå!

Du är väl för rolig ordet varPERFEKT har letat upp melodin,den heter PERFEKT sångaren heter Mats Vessling.
Mormor älskar doftflaskan,hon var så lycklig över helgen,du är bäst!