Jet-lag, ahoy & I love my friends!


Whilst JO is sweating it out on her last day at BodyPump-camp, I´m chillin´ in bed after a day in the shops with sis and Daisy. PHEW! Not a fun place to be, 3 days b4 Christmas, with jet-lag from hell.
P got kidnapped around lunchtime and taken out to the forest somewhere for his stag do. He´ll have a wonderful day, jet-lag or no jet-lag, I´m sure.

We had a great night last night with fantastic friends around to celebrate my birthday with:

- glögg + pepparkakor
- home made spagetti bolognese with parmesan and tomato sallad
- birthday cake & coffee/tea

It´s my privilege as the "Preggo" to put together a menu that normal people wouldn´t even dream of. Actually, spagetti bolognese is one of few dishes that I have been able to eat throughout these first 12 weeks...

My stomach is starting to show - in the evenings. I´m not sure how much of it is from the pregnancy and how much of it is from eating so much gluten again. It poses a rather interesting problem though... I´m a size 36 when I wake up and I size 40 when I go to bed. Try and dress for that, if you can!
I simply refuse to give in and resort to wearing jogging pants for the next 6 months, but I tell you, it´s a true challenge!

Until my stomach is here to stay-being pregnant = fashion disaster.

Ps. I wanted to give you some nice photos today, but the camera has gone with P to the forest...
Tomorrow instead...
Pps. THANKS to everyone who kindly sent me birthday greetings both by email and via FB!



Anonymous said...


I'm really late but better than never right? =) Nice to hear that the vacation was good! Good luck with everything!

Best wishes


mojo said...

Ahhhh, thanks so much Maja!

No,no you are not late-there are still 6 months to go! ;)

Lots of love