Small, but FIERCE!

Clubbell training in action....

Ola (RMAX-certified in the US) in green shorts, Fredrik wearing camo-pants...

Scott Sonnon showing us how to handle a kettlebell


Back in Gothenburg after 2 hectic days in Linköping with amazing Scott Sonnon. Except from being a Martial Arts-expert, a yogi and the world record holder in Clubbells, Scott turned out to be a great teacher and an extremely humble and inspirational Master. Read more about amazing Scott here. Fab, fab, fab to be at a workshop were the teacher is a true inspiration in everything from technique, strength, pedagogy AND personality.
Met some wonderful people on both days. Finnish Martti & Timo, Fredrik from Kettlebell Stockholm - who I first met on a Kettlebell-course in Stockholm in February, Ola & Fredrik from Gothenburg, Olof from Kettlebells.nu (who arranged the 2 days), amongst others.

I worked on my kettlebell technique, learned some new, really great details and tried out the clubbell for the first time. It´s awesome. Difficult-yes,yes, yes. Great training-yes. I thought I sucked at it, but I had fun!
(Even when I managed to bang myself on the knee with it during my very last repetition before lunch... "Högmod går före fall"..."ohhh, I´m starting to get the hang of this!...ohhh, this is going great!....KLOINK!!!! AAAOOHHHHH - my knee!!!!!" CLUMSY IS my middle name, though...)

Today is a resting day. Tomorrow I´m working with the new fitness club - SPIRO Club, in Kungsbacka...

Ryan (Scott´s right hand man), me & Mr. Sonnon himself...(doesn´t he look a bit like a mix between Matthew Griffiths & Moby???)

Size matters. At least in this case...

Finnish Martti Nappari, Mr. Kettlebell Finland.

Fredrik, from Kettlebell Stockholm, me & Rickard.
Ok. I might be tiny, but look who´s got the attitude...
"You lookin´ at me??!"


jocke said...

Kul att träffas i Linköping

mojo said...

Verkligen, Jocke!
Lycka till med framtidsplanerna och hoppas att du får en härlig jul i Ängelholm!