Midnatt råder....

We are family!

Just went to bed. Grandma is in my room. My brother is walking around the house with his laptop showing his girlfriend the christmas tree, plays fur elise, and explains how we "do it" here in Skåne :)

Mom is finishing the last christmas wrapping and says something like:

Mom - That's the problem with waking up early and going to bed late, you start to get hungry again.
Grandma (from her room) - Yes, me to
Mom - I could eat a slice of the christmas ham on the freshly baked christams bread
Grandma - But we just brushed our teeth
Mom - hmm, well, i am just saying
Grandma - i'll hvae some if you'll have some
Me - Me to

And thats how we end up once more around the kitchen table with the first slice of ham on moms delicious bread with sweet mustard!

The gifts are wraped, the "rim" is on.
Ham, ris ala malta, brunkål, sill, meatballs, knäck, marsipan, annelövskola it is all there (laktosfritt och ekologiskt made from scratch :)

It really feels like coming home!
We are far away from "perfect" but I wouldn't change a thing!

Love Life


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