Hey! Who stole my brain???


I´ve found a few new traits in myself:

- I can sleep standing
- I can feel sea-sick even without a boat OR the sea
- I cannot stand the sight (or smell) of broccoli anymore - not to mention fish - or green sallad

The most worrying fact, though, is that someone/or something managed to steal my brain away (probably during one of my numerous naps) and replaced it with Swiss Cheese. My memory is suddenly crap (and full of holes) and my attention span...well, let´s just say that a 4-year old would probably beat me in an attention span competition right now....

But hey!
Who cares?

Right now - the only things I care about are...."contact lenses, ticket, passport, camera, bikini(s), havaianas, body lotion, sunglasses......"

I´m OFF! Back again on the 20th. Will try to keep you posted from paradise, I promise!




Helena said...

Fly safe...and take care of you three! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! i know what you´re talking about. Pregnancy is like a "julkalender" full of new things you didn´t know about yourself. Wait til you come to the "nesting phase" when you clean your home with a toothbrush and analyze every relationship you have ever had.. he he
Hugs Malin G

mojo said...

I will call you when that happens!