Thanks for making me - FIGHTER

Just got back from 3 days in OSLO! Teaching a BODYJAM foundation training.

Wow! The guys amazed me. It is 3 HARD days FULL-ON focus, training, thechnique, choreography, coaching, fitness magic... on and on and on.

On the last day we have a BODYJAM Challange; Where the participants get to battle eachother, they get to pull out all their creative skills, their last drops of energy and sweat!

And MY OH MY, They did! This clip is just a taster compared to their dedication.

Hm, should I take that as a sign of not having been HARD enough the previous days, since they have so much energy left?!??


NA! Real energy FILLS you up! That is REAL growth! When you leave feeling fuller then when you came!

LOVE to Oslo, but GOSH is it nice to be HOME!



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